Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear Italian composer, performer, conductor and musicologist Luciano Chessa perform on the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ. Chessa is the author of 'Luigi Russolo, Futurist. Noise, Visual Arts, and the Occult' (2012), the first monograph dedicated to Russolo and his 'Art of Noise'. His research on Italian futurism has shown for the first time the occult relationship between Russolo's intonarumori and Leonardo da Vinci's mechanical noisemakers.

This recital centers on an organ score titled Cromlech (2017-2018). The Welsh term cromlech indicates a megalithic circle of prehistoric standing stones used for religious purposes. Chessa composed Cromlech in Sintra, Portugal last year, after visiting a cromlech-like folly believed to have been built by William Beckford when he lived in Monserrate Estate (circa 1794). The piece is the most recent instalment of Chessa's Vathek, an opera-in-progress based on Beckford's gothic/oriental tale of the same name. 

The program includes new versions of Chessa's Vathek's Aria on the Edge of the Chasm (2013) for organ and bullhorn and Nouronihar (1997-2006) for oboe and organ featuring oboist extraordinaire Beniamin Opie. The program also features the premiere of a new organ piece by New York-based composer Peter Zummo and 'Fragments from Tower of Meaning' composed by Arthur Russell, transcribed and arranged by Bill Ruyle.

Presented by City of Melbourne, Italian Cultural Institute and Liquid Architecture.