Get to know the king of instruments


Get to know the king of instruments


What We do

Building the future for the pipe organ in Australasia,
ANZCO encourages everyone to discover the 'King of Instruments',
the largest and most valuable musical instruments in the world! 

We encourage and enable young Australians and New Zealanders
to enjoy listening to, and learning to play, the pipe organ. 

We present concerts and educational programs around Australia and New Zealand
to ensure that pipe organs are cultural assets to be enjoyed by all,
including the popular All Stops Out! events.



The Magic of the Pipe Organ


Getting to know our work

The Magic of the Pipe Organ


Getting to know our work

The Australian and New Zealand College of Organists was officially launched on Friday 24 June 2011, the 150th anniversary of the opening of Australia's first Concert Organ, to build the future for the Pipe Organ in Australasia.

ANZCO was launched in New Zealand on Friday 13 April 2012, marking a special moment for the ongoing development of a thriving organ scene in New Zealand. The College's close trans-Tasman links make many exciting possibilities.

ANZCO, a registered charity, is the only pipe organ related institution working at a national and international level in Australasia, with links throughout North America, the UK, Europe and Asia, building a sustainable community of organists by promoting the teaching and learning of the organ.

The College of Organists has a Council of Management in Melbourne, an Australian Board of Administration, a New Zealand National Council, and International Correspondents.


Our Mission Statement

  • To build a sustainable community of organists by promoting the teaching and learning of the organ

  • To facilitate programmes utilising pipe organs as cultural assets for the benefit of the broader community

  • To operate an Academy for the furtherance of these educational and cultural objectives

Our Objectives

  • To establish the ANZCO Academy to promote the organ to school students in order to increase the number of tertiary-level organ students

  • To promote organ teaching, learning and performance in regional and rural areas

  • To establish an international Australian and New Zealand Organ Competition

  • To establish an effective administration to manage concert tours, demonstrations and master classes for local and international organists

  • To increase attendances at organ concerts and other organ-related events

  • To promote active youth involvement in the College structure and activities