Introduction to the MUSOC -
The Melbourne University Series of Organ Concerts

A world-first initiative featuring the next generation of Australian organists, the MUSOC is presented by the Australian and New Zealand College of Organists with generous support from the University of Melbourne, Trinity, Ormond and Queen’s Colleges together with partner venues The Scots' Church, Melbourne and St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne.

On Fridays during Semester there is a free Lunchtime Organ Concert performed on one of the pipe organs at the University of Melbourne, which has more pipe organs than any other Australasian University.

In accord with ANZCO’s mission, by promoting organ performance, teaching and learning, the MUSOC helps to build the profile of the King of Instruments and develop a sustainable pipe organ culture in Australasia.

Concert dates in 2019

Fridays during Semester at 1.10 pm
Dates for the 2019 Series are:
Semester 1 – March: 8, 15, 22, 29. April: 5, 12. May: 3, 10, 17, 24, 31.
Semester 2 – August: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.  September: 6, 13, 20.  October: 11, 18, 25.

Performers, venues and programs

Performers, venues and programmes are advised each week on the ANZCO Facebook page as well as here on the MUSOC page.
The majority of concerts are held at the University of Melbourne's Parkville campus, with occasional concerts given at surrounding partner venues.

MUSOC Programs can be found below in PDF format.

2018, Semester 2

MUSOC Trinity College Chapel - Friday 19 October 2018
MUSOC Trinity College Chapel - Friday 5 October 2018
MUSOC Scots' Church - Friday 21 September 2018
MUSOC Scots’ Church - Tuesday 18 September 2018 (please note the change of day to a Tuesday)
MUSOC Trinity College Chapel - Friday 7 September 2018
MUSOC St Patrick's Cathedral - Wednesday 29 August 2018 (please note the change of day to a Wednesday)
MUSOC Scots' Church - Friday 24 August 2018
MUSOC Ormond College Chapel - Friday 17 August 2018
MUSOC Queen's College Chapel - Friday 10 August 2018
MUSOC Scots' Church - Friday 3 August 2018
MUSOC Trinity College Chapel - Friday 27 July 2018

Past MUSOC Programs are available below.

2018 MUSOC Programs
2017 MUSOC Programs
2016 MUSOC Programs
2015 MUSOC Programs
2014 MUSOC Programs

Would you like to perform in the MUSOC?


The MUSOC is held on the following instruments rotated throughout Semester:

• Wilson Hall, Wilson Avenue. 
4 manuals, 74 speaking stops. Electro-pneumatic key action. Electric stop action. 
Originally built in 1890 by Fincham & Hobday for the Australian Church, Melbourne. 
Rebuilt and installed in Wilson Hall in 1956 by George Fincham & Sons after the destruction of the original Wilson Hall by fire in 1952. 
Opened by Fernando Germani on Thursday 6 September 1956.

• Trinity College Chapel, Royal Parade.
3 manuals, 33 speaking stops. Mechanical key action. Electric stop action. 
Built in 1997-98 by Kenneth Jones & Associates, Ireland.

• Ormond College Chapel, College Crescent.
2 manuals, 16 speaking stops. Mechanical key and stop action. 
Originally built in 1972-73 by Ronald Sharp. Rebuilt in 1992-93 by Knud Smenge. Reconditioned in 2016 by Hargraves Pipe Organs.

• Queen’s College Chapel, College Crescent.
2 manuals, 21 speaking stops. Electro-pneumatic key action. Electric stop action.
Originally built in 1921-24 by J.E. Dodd. Rebuilt in 1960 by Hill, Norman & Beard. Rebuilt in 2016-17 by Wakeley Pipe Organs.

ANZCO is grateful to The Scots' Church and Douglas Lawrence OAM, and St Patrick's Cathedral and Dr Paul Taylor, for being auxiliary partners of the MUSOC.

Rehearsal and concert information for performers

One three-hour rehearsal may be scheduled before the concert date. 
On the day of the concert, a rehearsal will be possible in the morning. 
Doors open to the public at 12:45pm. Concert commences at 1:10 pm and concludes at 1:50 pm.

Performers in the MUSOC gain invaluable performance experience and exposure as solo artists in concert at the University of Melbourne. Admission is free. 

Performance Attire
All black concert dress, or full formal school uniform for seco­­ndary school students.

Reserving a Concert Date
Please send the following information to the ANZCO General Administrator: Alasdair Stretch


Every attempt will be made to accommodate the performer’s first date preference. 
The date and venue will be confirmed as soon as possible after date reservation.

Concerts can be shared between performers. For example, two organists could share half a concert each, or feature the organ as an accompanimental instrument with a vocalist, choir, trumpeter or other instrumentalist. 

Concert Presentation
The concerts have a total platform time of 40 minutes. As the MUSOC is utilising pipe organs as cultural assets for the benefit of the broader community, and to achieve consistent presentation throughout the series, performers are asked to provide brief spoken introductions to their repertoire.  This would usually occur at the start of, and halfway through, the concert. A representative from the College of Organists or the University of Melbourne will also speak briefly at the start and conclusion of the concert. 

Concert Program
The chosen program should contain no more than 30 minutes total music time. 

Performers are asked to submit their programs, in performance order, with:
• full names and dates for composers and transcribers
• complete titles and movements with opus numbers or equivalent
• performance timings

Here is an example of the programme format:
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678-1741), transcribed by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Concerto in A minor, Op. 3 No. 8 [Concerto No. 2, BWV 593]       (9 mins)
    i. [without tempo indication]
   ii. Adagio
  iii. Allegro

Performers are also asked to submit a brief, 60-word, biography for inclusion in the double-sided, full-colour, printed programs distributed free of charge to the audience.

Would you like further information about the MUSOC?
Please contact the ANZCO General Administrator: Alasdair Stretch

Alternatively, you could contact the ANZCO President and Australian National Director: Thomas Heywood,
or the ANZCO Director of Development: Christopher Cook